Our Story...

UpsideDownÂ1 is an independent street-wear brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Aesthetically, Â1 represents the uncompromising connection between evolution, imperfect, and fashion. Our goal is to curate lasting quality garments that will introduce the rest of the world to exclusive trendsetting designs. As street wear continues to evolve and become an essential part of culture, we strive to maintain a brand that appeals to fashion lovers everywhere. Heavily influenced on society and culture,  UpsideDownÂ1 encourages our customers to embrace their individualism all while appreciating the dynamics of street-wear fashion. 

Our Mission...

Everybody wants to be the best, first place, flawless, 100, Â1. Nobody's perfect so, we turn the  upside down, because everyday all of us are working on ourselves to be better and do better. Everything is not perfect, but you can reach for it. That's what the Upside-Down Â1 symbolizes. 

Reaching for Perfection. 


Dejee & Ryan.